Be There

BT has launched a new brand platform, Be There. It’s a new creative approach & it’s the first time BT have united one brand idea across all their marketing communications, all product areas from broadband to BT Sport & TV and for all audiences, consumer and business, UK and global.

The aim of this film is to drive consideration of BT Infinity by demonstrating that you get great W-Fi signal further around your home. Be there is an idea built around bringing people closer to the things that matter most. We are telling authentic human stories of how BT can build human relationships, make life richer and help immerse you in the moments that really matter.

In this execution we tell the story of a little girl and her pet budgie “Buddy”. We follow them around the house through various rooms as she live streams to her Grandpa in the Caribbean. Following the bird around the home we see how far the BT Infinity Wi-Fi reaches, and how BT Infinity allows you to Be There, even when you can’t be.

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