Behind the Scenes

BT’s new advertising campaign featuring Scottish actor Ewan McGregor hit TV screens on Friday 17th April. The new campaign sees the renowned actor star alongside BT Sport Ambassadors and footballers Robin Van Persie and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, as they give viewers an entertaining insight into the world of advertising.

The ads will be the first to air as part of a longer term “Behind the Scenes” campaign that will provide viewers with a humorous behind the scenes look into the making of an advert.

The “Behind the Scenes” campaign is a parody of the advertising process and takes viewers on a journey into the making of an advert, from the casting of celebrities, rehearsals, pre-production meetings, post-production processes to voice over recordings.

Over the coming months the new campaign will feature a variety of famous actors, celebrities and leading sports personalities who will appear in amusing situations that poke fun at the world of advertising. The famous faces will star alongside a series of regular characters, including the “BT Clients”, “The Director” and “The Ad Agency Creative”, and will provide the voice of reason in comparison to the bizarre and entertaining vision of some of the characters.

Work in this campaign