James Wellbeloved

Mega City

For the past 25 years, James Wellbeloved has been on a mission to reconnect pets to a more natural way of living and eating that benefits their wellbeing.
It all started in Somerset, with two poorly Boxer dogs who had itchy skin, upset tummies and a distressed owner. She started to make them simple foods inspired by nature and was amazed by the difference in her dogs. Today James Wellbeloved is still made in rural Somerset, but not all pet owners are aware of their delicious, naturally healthy pet food.
AMV BBDO have developed the very first campaign for James Wellbeloved, which revolves around the notion of “Loving well, with nature”. It’s implicit in everything James Wellbeloved do and it was vital that the work ultimately reflected this.
The film tells the fable of Jack and his beloved little dog, Harry, as they find themselves in a completely dark and natureless environment. They are a pair of buskers – alone in the unforgiving city – saving money for a brand new shiny motorbike, or so we think. Perhaps he is dreaming of something else.
The film is designed to remind us that to love our pets well is to reconnect them with nature. And that choosing to feed them a naturally healthy pet food like James Wellbeloved makes reconnecting our pets with nature easy to fit into even the most urban lifestyle.
As with any animation, the process has been meticulous, and the result is a film that speaks to the human yearning for nature in a poignant, profound and poetic way.
The song that helps us tell the story is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s beautiful “Landslide”.

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