Please Not Them

The first two bursts of the ‘Please Not Them’ campaign saw Piers Morgan, Katie Price, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Noel Edmonds and Vinnie Jones share what they would do if they were to win Lotto. The third burst of the campaign features singer-songwriter, James Blunt and highlights the fact that over the past eight months Lotto has made over 140 new millionaires and guarantees at least two millionaires every single week.

James Blunt’s dream is potentially the most outrageous yet. He wants to tell everyone in the UK ‘you’re beautiful’ every single time we look in a mirror. Who wouldn’t want a constant boost of self-confidence through James and his most well-known track? Well actually….

James’s dream has been teased on TV with a 10” ad which launched on Thursday, 16 June. The full details of his dream were revealed in a 40” spot on Sunday, 19 June. It is supported by online, print, OOH and social activity.

The hashtag #PleaseNotThem serves as a rallying cry across every touchpoint, connecting the nation’s conversations as they unite against the potential disaster of James Blunt realising his aim. The only hope the general public has is to play Lotto and pray that it’s their dreams that come true, not the celebs. Because as always, ‘Play Makes It Possible’.

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