Drink Driving - Brendan

Despite drink driving being widely unacceptable, new research from THINK! shows that a shocking one in five among men aged 18-34 (19%) would consider having two or more drinks before they get behind the wheel.

• One in five (19%) men aged 18-34 would have two or more drinks

Consumer research showed that while people knew they probably shouldn’t be drinking these amounts, when in the moment of decision they often convinced themselves they would be ‘alright’ to drink more, despite putting themselves and others at risk.

To change this behaviour, we needed to make drivers understand that every drink has an effect, so that when the moment of decision arises they would make the right choice.

By investigating the blood alcohol levels of drivers in reported accidents we found a compelling truth to make people think about every drink they have:

• A second drink doubles your chances of being in a fatal collision.

To make the target audience of young men sit up and take notice, AMV BBDO and THINK! developed a humorous campaign built around situations where wanting to be polite might lead you to accept a drink. By juxtaposing this with the danger that comes with that extra drink, we made the decision not to drink and drive a no brainer.

• Introducing the #butalive campaign.

Conceived by ECDs Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi, the campaign tells fables of people who’ve made the right decision, and the consequences they’ve accepted because of it, across TV, radio, digital, pub media, and social channels.

Launched on 1st December, the TV directed by Guy Shelmerdine (Smuggler), introduces ‘Brendan’ and ‘Malcolm’ – two lads who suffer challenging decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.

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